Lipstick on a pig


A recent Angus Reid poll shows that the B.C. Liberals now have less than half the public support the NDP do. In response to their nosediving numbers, the Libs announced they’re considering giving themselves a new name in the rather desperate hope all will be forgiven and/or forgotten by voters in time for the May 2013 election.

I’mma let you finish but Kudos & Kvetches is one of the best K&K of all time.

A ruse by any other name would likely smell as cheap, but then again we here at K&K know what it’s like to feel the need for rebranding after discovering “K&K” is becoming the gossip rag shorthand for horrible celebrity couple Kanye West and Kim Kardashian. (Seriously, couldn’t they have gone with Kimye or Kanyashian or something?)

There’s no guarantee, of course, that a name change would work. Think of the Telus World of Science, East Hastings trying to become the “East Village” or the increasingly slender Westender now calling itself WE.

Here are a few suggestions we came up with in case Liberal Party marketing gurus are finding themselves short on “better stupid” ideas for a brand new brand:

The Liberal Conservatives – Not only is this closer to ideological roots, it’s worth remembering that having an oxymoronic moniker didn’t prevent the former “Progressive Conservatives” from later reforming itself and ultimately taking over the country.

The Olympics Party – How many Games have the NDP brought in? Exactly.

The Dogwood Party – Probably not a great option seeing as how poorly another rightwing, gaffe-prone party named after the provincial flower recently fared in Alberta’s election, not to mention “dogwood” sounds sort of like slang for a canine erection.

The Families First Party – Because the other political parties don’t consider families a priority. Obviously.

XwayxwaySecond time could be the charm.

Team K&K – Our personal favourite and potential backup plan in case the copyright infringement lawsuit against Kim and Kanye falls through.

(This post was first published in Kudos & Kvetches  © Copyright (c) Vancouver Courier)


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