A tale of two Brazeaus

Patrick Brazeau

Last week in the print version of the newspaper, we incorrectly identified award-winning local thespian Jay Brazeau instead of Patrick Brazeau as the Canadian senator recently involved in an online feud with reporter Jennifer Ditchburn. We’d like to apologize unreservedly to readers who’ve come to expect a higher degree of journalistic rigour from K&K and, more importantly, to Jay Brazeau himself for mistaking him for a member of the Senate.

Jay Brazeau

The only real excuse is our deadline was fast approaching and we’d been distracted all day by CNN reports about the Supreme Court striking down Obamacare, details of Roberto Luongo’s imminent trade to the Toronto Panthers, online buzz about Andrew Garfield as the new Batman, and news of The Province’s refusal to remove cartoonist Dan Murphy’s video spoofing Enbridge’s Northern Gateway pipeline from their website after the disaster-prone energy giant threatened to pull the plug on advertising. (We may have made that last one up.)

In our defense, we’ve been regularly seeing Jay Brazeau’s name going back to our childhood days since he seems to be contractually obliged to appear in almost every locally shot TV show or movie. This is a man who often gets multiple speaking roles on the very same shows stretching all the way back to the 21 Jump Street era and, more recently, he made headlines after suffering a stroke during an Arts Club performance of Hairspray but nonetheless returned to the stage a few weeks later.

Patrick Brazeau, on the other hand, is only really known (until now anyway) as the guy who lost a charity boxing match against Liberal MP Pierre Trudeau.

(This post was first published in Kudos & Kvetches  © Copyright (c) Vancouver Courier)


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