Rude Britannia

Despite all the dire predictions, we have to grudgingly admit the London Summer Games were largely a success story. While it had all the usual garden variety scandals involving doping, wonky officiating and corporate skullduggery, credit has to be given for pulling the whole thing off without allowing a single Nickelback performance, losing any Georgian athletes or plonking one of their most revered former athletes in the back of a pickup truck (or lorry) and letting them be chased through the streets by drunken fans.

The only obvious tragedy was the apparent death of the famous English sense of humour.

Readers may recall the British media were pretty hard on Vancouver back in 2010. In the spirit of fair play, the Guardian — England’s most respected daily newspaper not currently under investigation for hacking into cellphones belonging to the Royal family, missing children or Hugh Grant — offered local blogger Harrison Mooney an opportunity for rebuttal with a tongue-in-cheek column called Worst Olympics Ever.

The British sense of humour appears to have suffered the same fate as this parrot.

The Brits were, as the Queen might say, not amused. After he pointed out some of the more glaring foibles of the latest instalment of the five-ring circus, online commenters exploded with a level of vitriol probably not seen since it was announced the new James Bond would be blond, and the Guardian unceremoniously pulled the plug after only five instalments.

We can only hope U.K. journalists and their readers will somehow recover their wits in time for the vodka-fuelled Orwellian nightmare surely shaping up in Sochi for 2014.

(This post was first published in Kudos & Kvetches  © Copyright (c) Vancouver Courier)


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