Glory for Vancouver’s Green Men

Sully and Force are headed for ESPN’s Hall of Fans. (Dan Toulgoet photo)

Fans of infamous Canucks fans the Green Men have helped get the dynamic duo inducted into the ESPN Hall of Fans. Spandex-clad sports enthusiasts Sully and Force will be formally recognized for their tireless and highly creative efforts in taunting players stuck in the penalty box after it was announced on Wednesday the masked men made the cut for the newly minted hall of fame for fans.

Several thousand sports fans applied for consideration and only 10 finalists were selected by judges. An open online vote was then held to determine the hall’s first three members, which instead turned out to be four. Although only Sully is listed as a finalist (along with University of Alabama softball supporter Emily Pitek and the Baltimore Ravens devotee known as Captain Dee-Fense), both Green Men will in fact be attending the contest’s inaugural ceremony in Bristol, Connecticut on Sept. 19.

“We’re being inducted as a duo,” Sully (or possibly Force) assured the Courier via Twitter. “The contest is for individuals so they are still figuring out how to bend the rules for us.”

Along with entertaining fans and irritating the likes of Dustin Byfuglien and Brad Marchand (not to mention Don Cherry). the Green Men have also raised over $15,000 for local charities. The two were both the only Canadians and only hockey fans to make the final round.

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