A fail of two cities

Capt. George Vancouver has two different cities within a four-hour drive of each other named after him.

It looks like Dana Larsen’s dream of legalizing marijuana is going up in smoke. With less than a month to go, the Sensible B.C. petition campaign is reportedly not even close to the number of signatures required for Elections B.C. to consider putting the question to a popular vote as it did two years ago with the anti-HST drive.

Team K&K thinks this is a drag, not only because we agree with the roughly three quarters of British Columbians who think spending millions of dollars each year prosecuting people who enjoy puffing on a plant is preposterous, but also because it’s always fun when the unwashed masses get to pretend we have an actual say in things.

Of course, Metro Vancouver dwellers will have a chance to weigh in on a different referendum question in the next civic election regarding increased TransLink funding. Lower Mainland mayors are furious about it because they see it as the Liberals simply squirming out of their responsibility to take care of the problem and, by putting a vaguely worded query about funding models to a mostly uninformed electorate, it will instead simply become a verdict on TransLink itself. Let’s face it, most people view its unelected board of directors as a cabal of ineffective bureaucrats with a bigger sense of entitlement than Pamela Wallin on her birthday. It’s not hard to imagine how suburbanites who’ve never had the experience of being jammed cheek-to-armpit into the 99B-line on a rainy day will vote when asked to give them even more of their tax dollars to improve public transit and help make Vancouver a truly world-class city.

You know who’s never going to be a world-class city though? Vancouver, Washington. The upcoming election could be a perfect opportunity to vote on formally asking the Americans  to change the name to something else. Sure, they named their own city Vancouver years before we did but it’s not like Washingtonians are kidding themselves they’re not a distant second on the world stage as they’ve openly debated reverting back to Fort Vancouver for years.

Other options they might want to consider are Granville (since we’re not using it any more), Vancover (given that American spellings usually drop the letter “u” anyway), Surrey (due to their being Portland’s less attractive, more crime-ridden neighbour across the river), or even Vansterdam (which makes more sense than us keeping the nickname given that their state government has already legalized pot).

(This post was first published in Kudos & Kvetches  © Copyright (c) Vancouver Courier)


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