A liberal dose of unexpected coincidences

Screen Shot 2015-10-21 at 4.58.59 PM
Image: Ben Kowalewicz

It’s tough to lose a job you love, even if you deserve to perhaps as badly as Stephen Harper did. I found this out first-hand after getting laid off a few months ago from a gig as a staff writer for a Vancouver newspaper, although one of the upsides is it’s allowed me to catch up on my reading.

I recently finished Justin Trudeau’s autobiography and was surprised to discover that, while I don’t have much in common with our last prime minister, I share a weird amount of formative life experiences and work history with Canada’s new one.

Although my father was never the leader of a G7 country and I’m pretty sure Mom never partied with any members of the Rolling Stones, our lives have nonetheless mirrored each other’s in numerous ways. Take a look:

Trudeau grew up living at 24 Sussex Drive in Ottawa. I grew up a short drive from Sussex, New Brunswick.

We both learned French and judo as kids, two skills most Canadians happily make do without learning.

We are the same age, same height and majored in English Lit at McGill University at the same time.

We both worked summer jobs as whitewater guides in our twenties.

Two shaggy raft guides escort family members down some rapids. Only one of them had the sense to wear a helmet.
Above: Two long-haired raft guides escort family members down rapids back in the mid ’90s. Only one of them had the good sense to wear a helmet.

We both moved to Whistler to spend a few winters snowboarding.

Where we both worked as doormen part-time to pay the bills. The new commander of Canada’s armed forces handled unruly guests at the Rogue Wolf, which is now Moe Joe’s, while I did the same at the original Dusty’s down in Creekside.

He wrote a book. I’ve written a few.

His book is called Common Ground. I was briefly the editor of Common Ground magazine.

We are both married to beautiful women with accents.

We both rocked the long hair into our forties before  getting haircuts in the hope of advancing our careers.

It worked out for one of us
It worked out for one of us

Last but not least, Trudeau once got into a fist fight with a Canadian senator on national television. This is totally on my bucket list.

Any one of them will do
Preferably with a male one

So, in a shameless attempt to capitalize on the so-called Red Wave that swept across the country Oct. 19, I’m putting this out there in case anyone is looking to hire a writer/editor/blogger/communications person. It’s unlikely that Flemingmania will ever become a thing but, if you’re one of the people who chose to give that other guy a new job, I sure could use one too.

Willing to grow back hair upon request.


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